Ship Repair & Ship Supply

Cosco Marine owns a waterfront of 80 meters for easy access of barge with about 4 meters of water depth that allows the maneuver of 1500 tons floating crane.

Equipped with a warehouse of 10,000 square feet, we are able to provide logistic support, spare parts transit and equipment storage for repairing works.

We are able to provide professional services in technical support, afloat repair, maintenance, dry docking support and many more, all at a competitive price.


  • Ship’s Hull repair
  • Anchor and Anchor Chain Installation
  • Anchor chain stopper repair
  • Riding crew on voyage repair
  • Windlass winch bush / clutch renewal
  • Boiler low sulfur diesel system installation
  • Anti-piracy arrangement installation
  • Damage life boat and davit renewal
  • Life boat and davit annual inspection authorized by maker
  • Replacement of generator in the engine room
  • Overhead crane H-beam capacity upgrading from 40 tons to 100 tons
  • Repair of hatch cover and jib crane
  • New fabrication of of crane jib
  • Load test of crane
  • IHI crane hydraulic motor & valve block renewal
  • Install new hydraulic hose handling crane
  • Fabrication of lube oil tank
  • Reconditioning of sea-strainer
  • Renewal of windlass brake band & lining
  • Fabrication of Manifold reducer
  • Fabrication of gangway turntable
  • Reconditioning and testing of butterfly valve


  • Installation of a new fuel blender system at bunker vessel “Alliance Spirit” in the Year 2008
  • Renewal of anchor windlass clutch by riding crew on MT XIN JIN YANG on February 2016
  • Renewal of hydraulic cylinders of hose crane by riding crew on MT NEW RESOURCE at February 2016


Technical support

Afloat repair


Dry-docking support

Ship logistics

Ship store

Supply of spares

Hull and steel structure


Derrick / hatch cover

Life boat annual inspection

Engine maintenance

Pump and valve service